“WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW” – a common statement we continue to hear from art appreciators who view the collaborative exhibition. Bakery Lane Gallery’s current exhibition ‘Totally Stoned, Wired and Entwined’, showcases artists Jacqui Henshaw, Jenni Mills and Suzanne Shaw. Three different styles brought together as one seamless vision.

The three artists make up each element of the exhibitions title.
JK Henshaw is the ‘Totally stoned’ artist, focusing on intricate organic lines and grooves of rock surfaces . Including her large detailed photography, capturing salient moments, featured in the top room.

Jenni Mills
is the ‘Totally Entwined’ artist, creating vibrant, exotic and exciting abstract paintings. Her pieces pulsate with colour and emotion, layered with texture and movement. The ‘entwined’ theme has Jenni interweaving shapes, textures, organic forms, splashes and splotches.

Suzanne Shaw is the ‘Totally Wired’ artist, fashioning a body of work made from sterling silver.
This wired artist’s wearable art is impressive and spectacular – her use of geometric shapes are not only deliciously visual but also stunning expressions of contemporary art.

Venture into each room for a visual impact, to be blown away by the creativity and the talent each artist possesses.

A very fresh, contemporary exhibition you’d be ‘totally’ daft to miss!
‘Totally Stoned, Wired and Entwined’
1st – 30th MARCH.

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