Bakery Lane Gallery was originally run as a little art space that housed big ideas. Created by Dawn Robinson and Caitlin Farrugia. Over three years the gallery promoted over 70 artists. Including events such as ‘Revive’ (2013) & ‘Purpose’ (2014) presented by Bakery Lane and the Sustainable Living Festival of Victoria. ‘Imagine’ (2013), visual & literature event, featuring author Peter Twohig’s novel ‘The Cartographer’. Bakery Lane Gallery was nominated for several business awards.

From 2016 – 2017 Bakery Lane Gallery represented various artists within the folds of Colenso.

Now in collaboration with Bress Winery we continue our story.  Bress is a picturesque 66 acre (26 hectare) property nestled in the Harcourt Valley with spectacular views of the granite outcrops of Mount Alexander and the surrounding foothills.  The vines at Bress are 35 years old and has one of the countries oldest Cider apple orchards.  They are open for Cellar Door tastings and Bresstaurant is open Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

Bakery Lane Gallery will be curating rotational 2D exhibitions throughout the year and showcasing sculpture within the grounds. A sensory mix of wine, food and contemporary art. Supporting established and upcoming artists.






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